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Car Checklist: What Should You Have in Your Car This Spring?


With spring just around the corner, knowing how to stay ready for all the possibilities of the season can help keep you and your vehicle safe. From inclement weather to changes in air pressure, there are countless aspects of spring that you can prepare for to protect your car and make sure any trip is easy. Consider this checklist of nine items you should keep in your vehicle this spring.

First-Aid Kit

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One of the most important items to keep in your car this spring is a first-aid kit. This is because many drivers use the mild weather of springtime to take long drives or expeditions to new places, like national parks, tourist attractions, and camping grounds. When on a long trip, having a first-aid kit helps ensure you stay safe and respond to any minor emergencies, like cuts, scrapes, or other small injuries. Keep your first-aid kit in your trunk, glove box, or center console so you can access it easily at any time this spring.

Spare Tire

Spring can bring water like rain, wind, and hail, so many drivers, invest in tire protection plans to make sure they can cover repairs. Keeping a spare tire in the trunk of your car can also help you prepare for any type of circumstance that might affect your tire. From weather-related wear to spontaneous flat tires, thanks to obstacles on the road, you can still keep driving and get to your destination or a repair technician if you have a strong spare tire on hand, along with tools that can help you attach it, like a car jack and wrench.

Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge can be a valuable tool to store in your car in any season, but especially in the spring, as the air pressure can change rapidly depending on your location. This can affect your tire pressure significantly when the air temperature outside changes quickly within the same day. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your glove box or center console so you can quickly check your tire pressure at any time and make your way to an air station if necessary. If you notice your tire pressure is exceedingly low, schedule an appointment with a service technician.

Jump Starter

Another critical tool to keep in your car is a jump starter this spring. A jump starter is a device that uses wires to connect to a car’s battery and delivers a current from another vehicle to power it. This can be helpful when you need to jump-start your car after a long drive or if your car’s battery loses power during a trip. Some jump starters also include attached flashlights that can illuminate your hood while you work, which can be ideal for completing a jump start during the night.

Comfort Items

You may enjoy outfitting your car with an array of vehicle accessories to enhance your comfort and style, like seat covers, floor mats, and custom headrests. Aside from items to increase the comfort in your car, you can also benefit from having other types of products that can help you relax and have an enjoyable drive. For example, keep snacks or drinks in your glove box or center console to refresh yourself during long trips. If you like taking drives to outdoor locations in the spring, keep a blanket and some pillows in your trunk to have soft seating.

Power Chargers

It never hurts to keep a power charger for your mobile devices in your car, but it’s an excellent idea during the spring. With views of greenery and flowers to take photos of and opportunities to explore new locations outdoors, driving around in the spring can use up your mobile battery. You may drain your battery even quicker if you use it for navigation on the road. To make sure all your devices remain full of power, pack a charger and cable in your vehicle to use on the go.

Severe Weather Kit

Some areas can experience severe weather in the springtime, like heavy rains and strong winds. This can pose potential risks to vehicles and drivers, especially in places that experience falling branches from trees or other obstacles that result from wind or storms. To keep your passengers and your vehicle safe during any weather this spring, pack a severe weather kit that includes all the supplies you need, like a waterproof poncho, duct tape, a glow stick, and a window scraper.


A flashlight is another key item to keep in your car this spring. If you enjoy taking drives at night or exploring new places, having a flashlight on hand can always be helpful. You can use it to inspect parts of your car in the dark and find your way back to your vehicle after taking a night hike. Some flashlights also come attached to other tools, such as a flashlight with a power bank to charge your mobile devices.

Windshield Wipers and Fluid

As spring can bring rain and storms, it’s always helpful to have extra windshield wipers and wiper fluid in your car. This can prepare you for surprise circumstances, like if one of your windshield wipers becomes damaged from wind or if you run out of wiper fluid right after a storm. You can keep extra wipers and fluid in your trunk so you can easily refill the fluid and replace any damaged or missing wipers to ensure you have excellent visibility in all springtime weather.

No matter where you plan to go, keep these items in your car to have smooth and easy journeys all through spring. Do you have a favorite tool or device you keep in your car when the seasons change? Reach out to us over the phone or in a direct message, and we’ll try to add it to our next list. At Huffines Hyundai McKinney, we want to ensure you’re safe and sound, no matter the season.


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