April 12

Car Accessories to Declutter Your Car


Most car owners can agree that vehicles express personal style. Sporty cars, classy sedans, hard-working trucks, and practical SUVs provide an image we want others to see. So what impression does your car present? Whether you’re a busy sales professional, warrior mom, or an in-the-trenches worksite laborer, you can fight the clutter and keep your vehicle neat and orderly, despite the universe working against you. Pick up a few of these handy accessories, follow our tips and tricks, and you’ll have your car clean and decluttered in no time.

Backseat Organizers

An organizer that hangs on the back of the seats can help declutter your car, especially if you have children. Keeping your children entertained takes imagination and a whole lot of help. Toys, books, games, crayons, snacks, and electronic devices are car-trip necessities, but they don’t often have designated spots when not in use. You can pick up a backseat organizer with pockets of various sizes to fit just about any type of vehicle. 

But you don’t need to have kids to find these organizers useful. Gloves, tools, first-aid kits, and much more can fit neatly in a vehicle organizer, keeping everything within easy reach.

Tension Rod Clothes Hanger

Modern vehicles have hooks for hanging coats and shirts, but not very many. When you lay clothing down in the cargo hold or on the back seat, it defeats the purpose of having them pressed. The challenge is real if you’re a busy professional who has to drop off and pick up suits and shirts at the dry cleaner.

To make your life easier, install a tension rod in your car. Most of these rods were designed for closets but work the same way in your car. You can install them in the back of your Hyundai Tucson’s cargo area, or you can stretch them across the ceiling over the back seat of your Hyundai Sonata. 

Trash Bins

Of course, trash accumulates, from snack wrappers to fast food containers. Fortunately, you can find small trash bins about the size of a bathroom trash can. In addition, you can find bins that strap to the rear of your center console and use the same small trash liners.

Trunk Organizers

Your busy day probably has you dropping the kids at school, then running countless errands to the grocery store, dry cleaner, and bank. Then it’s back to school to tote the children to soccer, gymnastics, or baseball practice. Keeping everything neat and orderly throughout the day can be challenging. 

A trunk organizer can help you keep everything in the back of your new or pre-owned Hyundai  in its place. You can pick up a collapsible trunk organizer that includes sections to keep groceries separate from sports gear and anything else. These organizers typically have a Velcro bottom that adheres to the carpet in your cargo area, keeping them from sliding around in traffic. If you need more space in your trunk for oversized items like suitcases, the organizer folds for easy storage.

Coin Holder

Many drivers toss their change into the bottom of their purses or use the cup holder after paying at a drive-through. This practice makes it difficult to find exact change the next time you have to pay. However, we recommend you spend a few dollars on a coin holder that neatly fits in your center console or glove box. You’ll free up that cup holder, and warrior moms will lighten the load in that urban combat bag known as a purse.

Handbag Holders and Hooks

Moms can find it challenging to keep their purses within easy reach when driving. Keeping it on the center console or front passenger seat only works until you hit the brakes, turn sharply, or accelerate onto the freeway. Then it slides off its perch and onto the floor, out of reach and spilling your belongings everywhere. 

We recommend purchasing a handbag hook or a net stretching between the front seats. Clips attach to your headrest and let you hang your bag behind the front seats and within easy reach. A handbag net will keep your purse from sliding to the back seat floor but also can help keep Fido, the family dog, from climbing forward and distracting you while driving.

Backseat Cover for Pets

Speaking of Fido, that rascal gets into everything when you take him along. If your dog has a knack for finding muddy puddles and picking up dirt, you want to protect your cloth or leather from the grime. Hyundai makes several seat covers and pet hammocks designed to protect your seats and fit your Hyundai perfectly. Our seat covers and pet hammocks are waterproof and accommodate the seat restraints to keep Fido from harm.

Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

Organizing your car is the first step to decluttering it. However, you need to maintain cleanliness. Follow these tips to help you keep your car pristine.

Tip: Keep a bag of wipes in the console or glove box. Messes happen, and having the ability to clean up immediately will prevent spills from seeping in and staining.

Tip: Invest in a portable vacuum that plugs into your car’s 12-volt port. You can find hand-held vacuums with multiple attachments that make cleanup a breeze.

Tip: Hang a tissue box from the headrest. Your little ones get messy, whether eating on the go or fighting a cold. Having tissues that the kids can reach lets them take control and saves you the distraction of fumbling for a tissue in traffic. Ensure you have that trash bin we discussed earlier, or you’ll be picking up tissues from the floor.

Tip: Install air fresheners. Of course, most people already do this. However, you’d be surprised at how some odors linger. In addition to traditional air fresheners, you can use canned deodorizers that work like bug bombs. Pop them open and let the mist refresh your interior.

Huffines Hyundai in McKinney, Texas, has an expansive inventory of new Hyundai vehicles, and we’d love to help you find the one that allows you to express your own personal style. We want nothing more than for you to enjoy your car ownership experience, so we hope this blog helps you declutter your new Hyundai. Of course, we don’t have the space to list every accessory here. So if we missed something you rely on, please let us know. We’ll do our best to update our list so everyone can enjoy a clean and organized ride.


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