August 16

2024 Hyundai Lineup

Hyundai’s upcoming vehicle lineup promises to offer something for everyone. The automaker’s commitment to innovation, performance, and cutting-edge technology means new design features, tech upgrades, and advanced safety features that keep it at the top of the list for car buyers and enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for thrilling performance or sustainable driving options, Hyundai will redefine expectations and take your driving adventures to the next level. This post reviews what to look forward to with the 2024 Hyundai lineup.

Redesigned Exterior Style

Hyundai is completely redesigning most of the 2024 lineup with all-new styles for the SANTA FE, SONATA, and ELANTRA, which get some striking updates. The addition of the KONA Electric also showcases a fresh look. Anticipate some significant changes to these 2024 models:

  • KONA: The all-new fully electric KONA Electric features pixilated, full-width LED light strips with a wheelbase 6 inches longer than its predecessors.
  • SANTA FE: Hyundai’s plan for the redesigned 2024 SANTA FE is more extensive and bolder, with a larger wheelbase and more rugged appearance.
  • SONATA: Immediately noticeable is the addition of full-width LED light strips on the front and rear and a more aggressive-looking lower fascia. The SONATA also gets an all-new wheel design.
  • ELANTRA: Like the SONATA, the ELANTRA and ELANTRA N get a more aggressive appearance with an updated front and rear fascia and changes to the single-piece grille of the 2023 models.
  • IONIQ: The all-new high-performance IONIQ 5 N hits the market for 2024 with a sleeker, sportier style than the IONIQ 5, and the all-new IONIQ 7 is set to hit the market for the 2024 model year with a futuristic look.

Innovative Technology Upgrades

One thing to look forward to is Hyundai’s newest tech additions across all its models. The Bluelink+ technology is the automaker’s new connected car service plan, which is already available on the 2023 IONIQ 6 and is set to feature on all 2024 and newer models. You can expect the same features as the preceding Hyundai Bluelink app, which gives you a full suite of remote services, including:

  • Remote start.
  • Scheduling for EV battery charging.
  • Remote door lock and unlock.
  • On-demand alerts and vehicle diagnostics.
  • Remote car finder.
  • Onboard location navigation.

The tech upgrades don’t stop with Bluelink+, though. Expect updates across most of the 2024 lineup, with upgraded infotainment, more giant touch screens, more intuitive voice control, and enhancements to Hyundai’s driver convenience technology. You’ll see the most notable changes on the redesigned models, including the KONA, SANTA FE, SONATA, ELANTRA, and IONIQ, which are getting dual touch-screen displays and Hyundai’s next-gen infotainment system. Plus, all models in the 2024 lineup get updates to the over-the-air (OTA) software for improved connectivity, giving you seamless mobile integration with Hyundai’s multimedia system.

Safety and Security Updates

Hyundai prioritizes safety and security in all its vehicles, and its new vehicle inventory is no different. Redesigned models, such as the KONA, SANTA FE, and ELANTRA, get updates to the suite of safety features and driver assistance technology that Hyundai equips in all its models. Updates to the SmartSense advanced driver assistance and safety systems mean even more security for every Hyundai driver. While the automaker hasn’t revealed many details about its newly redesigned models, you can expect the following safety features in the SmartSense advanced driver technology package:

  • Surround-view and driver status monitor.
  • Blind-spot view monitor with live video.
  • Forward collision-avoidance assist with junction turn support.
  • Highway driving assist 2.
  • Blind-spot collision avoidance assist.
  • Intelligent speed limit assist.
  • Remote intelligent parking assist.
  • Driver attention alert.

The 2024 lineup also promises enhancements to connectivity for remote diagnostics, maintenance reminders, SOS assistance, and OTA updates.

Performance Enhancements

Much of Hyundai’s new lineup carries over the powertrain options from its previous models, but a few exciting changes are still coming. Most notably, the additions of the all-new KONA fully electric and IONIQ 5 N variations upgrade Hyundai’s electric and hybrid engine options. The full scope of specs isn’t unknown, but Hyundai has revealed an astounding 600-horsepower potential for the high-performance IONIQ 5 N. You’ll feel the impact of this EV’s rapid acceleration with dual motors.

The KONA also gets a performance upgrade for its electric variant, giving it a battery range of up to 260 miles. This is a substantial difference from the standard battery, which has a range of up to 197 miles. Fast charging capabilities mean you’ll never have to worry about lost travel time.

All-New Electric and Hybrid Options

The hybrid options for most of the previous Hyundai lineups carry over for the 2024 model year. But some new variations are coming that add to Hyundai’s award-winning electrified vehicles and hybrid options. Among them is the IONIQ 6, which will impress as Hyundai’s first fully electric sedan. The IONIQ 7 is also making its debut in 2024 as Hyundai’s larger electric SUV, maximizing spaciousness, versatility, and extended range capabilities.

While the complete details about the IONIQ 7 have yet to be revealed, this electric vehicle (EV) will certainly feature cutting-edge technology, distinctive design elements, and the advanced safety of its predecessors. Hyundai’s first hybrid variation of this subcompact SUV also adds a brand-new option to its fuel-powered and EV options. Even though there’s been no word of the hybrid variation entering U.S. markets, the potential of an upcoming KONA hybrid seems likely. 

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