January 11

What’s The Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Synthetic Blend?


Understanding the difference between synthetic and synthetic blend oil is crucial, as it can impact your car’s performance and longevity. It can also affect your wallet. Synthetic oil, known for its high purity and performance, provides superior engine protection and efficiency. It works in extreme temperatures and conditions, offering enhanced lubrication and longer-lasting performance than conventional oils. In contrast, synthetic blend oil, a mix of synthetic and conventional oils, provides a middle-ground solution. It brings some benefits of full synthetic oil at a more affordable price point, making it a popular choice for many drivers.

Your car’s oil needs depend on several factors, including your vehicle’s make and model, driving habits, and driving conditions. An oil change at a dealership is invaluable because experts can assess and cater to your car’s needs. They can guide you to the best oil choice, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Read as our Huffines Hyundai McKinney team delves deeper into the differences between synthetic oil and blends to help you decide which to choose for your car’s following oil change.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil represents the best motor oil technology, providing your vehicle’s engine with the utmost protection and efficiency. Unlike conventional oil, synthetic oil results from a complex chemical process that refines the oil and breaks it into its essential molecules. Synthetic oil is purer and more consistent in its composition without the impurities of conventional oils.

The benefits of synthetic oil are substantial, especially for engine performance and longevity. Its enhanced purity means it’s better at keeping your car’s engine clean. It resists sludge and deposit buildup, which can hamper engine performance and lead to costly repairs. Synthetic oil also offers superior lubrication. It maintains its viscosity (or thickness) better over various temperatures, remaining liquid in cold weather for easier cold starts and not thinning out in high heat.

Synthetic oil is more resistant to breakdown. It can withstand an engine’s intense heat for extended periods, so you don’t have to change it as frequently as conventional oil, saving you money on oil changes and trips to get it changed.

Synthetic Blends

Synthetic blend oil, or semi-synthetic oil, balances synthetic oil’s advanced properties and conventional oil’s cost savings. It’s for drivers who seek performance without the total cost of pure synthetic oil.

Synthetic blend oil is a carefully calibrated mixture of synthetic and conventional oil. This combination results in a better product than pure conventional oil in terms of protection and efficiency while still being more cost-effective than synthetic oil. The synthetic component contributes to better viscosity stability, enhanced protection in extreme temperatures, and more excellent resistance to thermal breakdown, making it better than conventional oil.

Synthetic blends are ideal for vehicles and driving conditions that demand more than what conventional oil can provide without requiring the full synthetic. Vehicles that carry moderate loads engage in frequent stop-and-go traffic, or experience occasional harsh driving conditions can benefit significantly from the enhanced properties of synthetic blends.

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Vehicle

Selecting the right oil for your vehicle is essential for maintaining its health and performance. Choosing between synthetic oil, a synthetic blend, and conventional oil largely depends on your vehicle’s requirements, driving habits, and driving conditions.

Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Manufacturers specify the recommended oil type based on the engine’s design and performance. They often suggest synthetic oil for newer models or vehicles with high-performance engines because of its superior protective qualities and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. If your car is still under warranty, using the recommended oil type is also essential to maintain the warranty coverage.

Consider your driving environment and habits. Synthetic oil is a better choice if you frequently drive in extreme conditions — cold or hot temperatures, mountainous terrains, or heavy towing — because of its stability under high-stress situations. If your driving is primarily light duty and in moderate conditions, a synthetic blend should be more than sufficient, offering improved protection over conventional oil without the cost of synthetic.

Assess the cost versus benefits. While synthetic oil is more expensive up front, its longer change intervals and superior engine protection can offer savings in the long run. But if your budget is tight, a synthetic blend provides some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a more affordable price.

Why Choose a Dealership for Your Car’s Oil Change?

Bringing your vehicle to a dealership for an oil change rather than a quick-lube shop or doing it yourself can offer several advantages. Dealerships such as Huffines Hyundai McKinney provide expertise and care you won’t find elsewhere.

Expertise and Brand-Specific Knowledge

Dealership technicians receive general automotive maintenance training and are experts in specific brands and models. This specialized knowledge means they understand what your vehicle needs and can recognize early signs of issues specific to your car.

Quality of Oil and Parts

Dealerships use high-quality, manufacturer-recommended oils and filters, ensuring your vehicle gets what it needs to run optimally. 

Comprehensive Vehicle Checkup

A dealership oil change includes a thorough checkup of your car. Technicians will provide a detailed report on your vehicle’s health.

Record Keeping

Dealerships maintain a detailed history of your vehicle’s maintenance, which can be invaluable for warranty purposes and when reselling the car. 

Customer Service

Dealerships offer excellent customer service, with amenities like comfortable waiting areas, loaner vehicles, or shuttle services.

Service Specials

Our dealership offers specials that could potentially save you money on your next oil change or other car maintenance. Check out our service specials when you plan your visit. 

Schedule an Oil Change Today

Our dealership’s experts provide an oil change and comprehensive service tailored to your vehicle’s needs. Trust our knowledgeable technicians at Huffines Hyundai McKinney to offer the best advice and care, ensuring your car receives the right oil to keep running smoothly for the long haul. Schedule your following oil change and experience the difference that professional expertise and dedicated service can make for your vehicle.


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