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Ways To Celebrate St. Patty’s Day at Home

St. Patrick’s Day is usually filled with holiday parades, green drinks and apparel, and cheerful celebrations around the community. If you’re celebrating safely from home this year, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday. Check out this list of ways to celebrate St. Patty’s Day at home from the team at Huffines Hyundai McKinney.

Make Something Sweet

Whip up something sweet in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. For something simple and family-friendly, put a drop or two of green food coloring in some vanilla frosting and swirl it on top of your favorite flavor of cupcakes. If you’re in the mood for something festive and true to the Irish theme, make some Irish coffee or try an Irish dessert recipe.

Dress Up in Green

If you’re home with the family enjoying the change of season, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some green apparel. You can order green shirts or sweatshirts online or get creative and decorate your own with the kids. Make it an all-day family event and see how many hues of green you can wear.

Cook a Traditional Irish Meal

St. Patty's Day | Corned Beef and Cabbage

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Make a St. Patty’s Day feast with traditional Irish fare. Corn beef and cabbage, lamb stew, and Guinness stew are well-known recipes you can try. Whether you’re cooking up something special for two or for the whole family, you can find tons of easy-to-prep St. Patrick’s Day meal ideas online that incorporate everyone’s favorite foods.

Color Your Drinks Green

Looking for fun St. Patty’s Day drinks just for the adults? Dye your beer green with food coloring or add a drop to your favorite clear-colored liquors and mixers. Try new drink recipes for both adults and kids that incorporate green for the holiday.

Get Artistic With St. Patty’s Day Crafts

If you’re celebrating at home with the family, get creative with the kids and craft something festive. Printable St. Patrick’s Day coloring sheets, do-it-yourself decorations, and simple paper crafts are available online. If you’re able to stock up on construction paper, paints, and simple craft supplies, you can make a day of putting materials together to make fun and festive artwork.

Put Up Festive Decor

St. Patrick’s Day and seasonal decor are often available in retail centers and online. Celebrate at home with some simple decor like window clings, balloons, crepe paper, streamers, and other St. Patty’s-inspired additions. Even just a few items can help brighten up a space for the holiday.

Make a Leprechaun Trap

You can help make celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at home with the kids more festive with the classic leprechaun trap. See how many different designs you and the kids can come up with and create a trap using materials you find around the house. If you have a supply of markers, crayons, or colored pencils, encourage the kids to add color to their creations.

Have a Trivia Game Night

Host a St. Patrick’s Day trivia night at home or play virtually with friends and family. Take turns answering trivia questions about Ireland and the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. If you organize virtual trivia with family and friends, you can use trivia apps to generate questions and start a game.

Tour the Neighborhood


If you have others in the neighborhood who also set out holiday decorations in the yard or front entryway, take a tour to check it all out. You can keep a safe distance and still celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day holiday while greeting folks you know and enjoying the decor you see. If you bring the kids, make a game of it by counting how many specific St. Patty’s-themed decorations you see.

Stream a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Sometimes St. Patrick’s Day just isn’t the same without a parade. If you’re eager to watch the floats and listen to the bagpipes, you can find live streams of St. Patrick’s Day parades around the world. Have a train in the background or make it the main event of your at-home celebrations.

Throw a Virtual Party

Get family and friends who are also home together for a virtual St. Patrick’s Day party. Make drinks, put together some snacks, and meet for 30-45 minutes over Zoom with your close relatives and friends who are local or spread apart. You can even pose a holiday-themed conversation starter to get the party going.

Bring In Some Greenery

Spring flowers and plants can add to the green theme when you bring them inside. Head to your local plant nursery or rearrange some plants you already have to make the green foliage pop. Some garden centers and retailers have spring and St. Patrick’s Day-themed flower arrangements that can also liven up your space for the holiday.

Put On Irish Music

Stream Irish music or create a playlist to put on in the background. Music can create a festive mood if you have a house full of people and liven up the occasion, even though you’re all celebrating at home. Try learning an Irish dance and moving to the music you play and see who can understand the fastest steps to different dances.

Have a Movie Marathon

Pick out a few movies with Irish themes, like historical fiction or a documentary, for some St. Patrick’s Day entertainment. If you prepare snacks, match them to the holiday with green foods and green-colored drinks. Check out popular streaming platforms for springtime favorites everyone will enjoy for family-friendly entertainment.

Learn More About Irish History

Get more acquainted with Ireland’s long history by celebrating with a documentary, e-book, or interactive media if you have kids celebrating at home. Learn about the history of St. Patrick’s Day and why it’s celebrated. The History Channel, National Geographic, and PBS often have holiday-themed historical media available online and for download if you’re browsing online.

The team at Huffines Hyundai McKinney understands tradition, but we also make our customers’ health and safety our main priority. If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day safely at home this year, this list is a great starting point for getting creative and into the holiday spirit. If you have some festive ideas you and your family enjoy that you don’t see featured here, get in touch with us at Huffines Hyundai McKinney, and we’ll be sure to add them to our list.


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