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Holiday Shopping in McKinney, TX

If you live in or visiting McKinney for your holiday, take time and sample the city’s bustling shopping district. Shopping in McKinney offers a thrilling experience, from its charming boutiques, delectable dining, to the amazing downtown McKinney, you will certainly have a good holiday time with your family and friends. Here at Huffines Hyundai McKinney, we’ve compiled a list of incredible holiday shopping spots in McKinney. Take a look at our selection and let us know what you think.

Fair and Square Imports

Since its inception in 2012, Fair and Square Imports have impressively served the McKinney community in retail services. The store located at 219 E. Louisiana St. stocks different fair trade items outsourced from various parts of the world. In the store, you’ll find children’s play kits from Sri Lanka, Alpaca dryer balls from Peru, and mosaic earrings from Mexico, among others.

Every purchase you make in this store has a powerful impact on different global communities that make the items. The store owners work hand in hand with organizations that help eradicate poverty in developing countries. Whether you’re buying jewelry, home decor, clothes, or toys, you’re indirectly supporting the talented artisans. 

Third Mondays Flea Market

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If you’re visiting McKinney for your holiday, take a tour of the largest flea market in North Texas at 4550 W. University Drive. The Third Monday Trade Days market has existed since 1870 and attracts over 450 vendors who specialize in arts, clothing, gifts, and antique collections. Worried about congestion and lack of parking space? The market has an 18-acre parking space charging $5 on Saturdays and Sundays and free on Fridays.

The availability of two ATMs, three shopper exits and entrances, air-conditioned malls, modern restrooms, and a mobile cart for rental makes the shopping experience easier. It doesn’t matter if you want repurposed home items, vintage, western, rustic, or health, and beauty products. The market has everything for everyone at competitive prices.

The Native

If you are looking for exquisite products to give your home and body a fresh look at an affordable cost, make a point of dropping by The Native. Located at 207 N Tennessee St., the Native is a perfect holiday shopping spot for natural beauty and home products. Just like its “Anthropology meets Etsy” description, the store offers its customers loads of interesting finds. 

At the store, visitors will find a wide array of self-care products, pampering items, and mystical gifts. Common items sold at this shop include moon phase puzzles, air plants, and customized rose quartz bundle, honey-infused bath salt, and face mist made using lavender, frankincense, and rose. 

Birds & Words 

At 100 W Virginia St. is the wonderful Birds & Words store run by a passionate team of creative family members. Although there are many places people can get rustic furniture, none beats Birds & Words. The artists have beautiful and uniquely crafted items that are sold at fair prices. The store sells unique home decor items made or collected within the greater McKinney area.

If you’re visiting this shop, don’t leave without looking at their signature hand-painted globe crafted in different sizes and colors. Wondering where to find unique items? Regardless of what you have in mind, you’ll find this store amazing.

Historic Downtown McKinney

Located at 111 N Tennessee St. the historical McKinney is a thriving business district that has flourished for decades. In the commercial district, there are over 120 shops and restaurants that provide exceptional holiday shopping and dining services. The shops include furniture stores, gifts, art galleries, apparel, and home decor services.

Visit the business district from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for three-hour free parking. Alternatively, you can hop in on Sunday between noon and 5 p. m. and lay your hands on diverse items for your home and friends. While at it, take time and enjoy live music, wine tasting, and fantastic cuisines from dozens of restaurants.

Goodies Texas

Once in a while, it’s essential to treat your friends or family members to a pack of amazing chocolate. Situated at 114 N Tennessee St., Goodies Texas makes classic Texas-themed treats using seasonal favorites like the holiday-themed peppermint bark. If visiting a friend in the city, pass by the Goodies Texas and grab one of their boxes to warm your friend’s heart.

Chocolate products from this shop are not your ordinary chocolates. They’re packed in a basket with interesting shapes such as the map of Texas State, chocolate horse head, Goodies Texas praline, and pecan turtles. Their list of chocolate flavors and shapes is endless. 

540 Mercantile

Gifting people unique items made by a local maker brings a sense of patriotism and admiration. Across 221 E. Louisiana St. is the 540 Mercantile store specializing in the boutique collection. You’re assured of getting new inventories and better service each day from the friendly staff. For years, the store continuously stocks the Moss Ross Home collection as their popular line. Attires from this designer come with gorgeous designs and have McKinney-themed images.

McKinney Knittery

How about going home from the holiday with a neatly knitted item from McKinney Knittery? The store offers a wide selection of indie-dyed yarns suitable for all occasions and ages. While in the shop, you’ll be torn between choosing needle gauge necklaces, knitting bags, or leather ruler bracelets. Visit the store at 117 W. Louisiana St. for a classic gift to your friends. If you are enjoying an extended holiday, you can enroll in knitting and embroidery classes and get to learn how to create stuff like socks, cardigans, and sweaters for as low as $20.

So, there you have it. Huffines Hyundai McKinney just informed you of the best holiday shopping spots in McKinney. Did you find our list satisfactory? Did we miss a favorite holiday shopping spot — one unmissable store or shop locals love? If we did, let us know! Drop us a line; we’ll be sure to add it to our list.


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