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Fresh and New Date Night Ideas

Whether you’ve been together for years or are just starting off, planning date nights is essential to a good relationship. Not only does spending time together bring you closer, but it is also time to have fun and unwind, which is good for your overall health and well-being. What do couples do for date night? Beyond the traditional dinner and a movie, there’s a ton of other fresh and new date night ideas out there.

Wine Tasting

wine tasting

Take your date to a local winery to enjoy some wine tasting. Many wineries offer tours and provide you with the history and wine-making process, creating an educational and fun experience. The McKinney area offers several options for wine tasting, including the Landon Winery, 4R Ranch Vineyards and Winery, Lone Star Wine Cellars, and Caudalie Crest. Share small talk over a glass of wine or stroll through the vineyard together and soak up the sun.

Sip and Paint

Classes for painting paired with wine are popping up across the country. The best part is that all you need to bring is yourself. The class will supply the canvas, paints, and paintbrushes along with an instructor who will walk you through the painting process, step by step. These classes are designed for beginners to artists, allowing you to be as creative as you want in your rendition of the specified painting. Many classes offer wine and snacks for purchase, while others encourage you to bring along a bottle of your favorite wine and something to munch on while you paint.

Sporting Events

You can find tickets to any type of sporting event, from basketball to soccer to hockey, at either the amateur or professional level. Sporting events are full of action, so no awkward silences are allowed. Talk about the game, the players, or the season, or just sit back and enjoy the action taking place in front of you. Cheering on a team together is a great bonding experience and allows you to see how each other reacts to competitive events, such as a volleyball match or football game.

Comedy Show

Find a stand-up comedy show in your area, and sit back and enjoy a couple of cocktails while you laugh the night away. The McKinney, Texas, area is fortunate enough to have the Comedy Arena, featuring stand-up, sketch, improv, and comedy shows and classes. A sense of humor is an attractive quality to both men and women, so what better way to share yours than to see a comedy show? Even if the act you see doesn’t end up being as funny as you’d hoped, you’ll still have plenty to talk about after the show.

Roller Skating

Take your date to the roller skating rink to relive your younger years. Yes, they still exist and are growing in popularity among skaters of all ages. Roller skating also allows for some hand-holding opportunities while you help each other around the rink, providing a steady hand and balance as you both re-learn how to skate. Roller skating is like riding a bike; even if it’s been a while since you laced up your skates, take a few trips around the rink, and you’ll be right back at it.

Game Night

Grab a few of your favorite board and card games, some snacks, and beverages, and make a night out of some friendly competition. You can take turns picking the game to play or set up the order ahead of time to keep the night moving along. If you’re super competitive, you can even set up a tournament-style bracket to keep track of wins and losses along the way — just be sure to keep it lighthearted and fun because this is a date. Game night is an inexpensive way to spend time together and share a few laughs.


Let loose with your significant other at a karaoke bar. Whether you have the pipes or not, belting out a song on stage can be a lot of fun. McKinney has a few options for karaoke, such as End Zone and McKinney Pizza Tavern. Standing up on stage shares a vulnerability and confidence with your date that shows you want to share yourself with that special someone. Enjoy a couple of cocktails and songs at your local karaoke bar for your next date night.

Candlelight Picnic

Grab some blankets, put together a light snack or meal, and add a bottle of wine and some candles for a romantic picnic experience. You can have a picnic in the park, in your backyard, or even on your living room floor if the weather isn’t cooperating. Spread out the blanket, unpack the picnic basket or cooler, and sit back and enjoy each other’s company as you enjoy your candlelight picnic.

Trivia Night

Trivia night has become a weekly event at local bars and restaurants, bringing people to answer fun trivia questions, often for prizes. The Pub McKinney and Guitars & Growlers McKinney offer their customers weekly trivia nights. Everyone is welcome to participate, and it allows you to show off all the knowledge you have stored up on pop culture, history, or sports. Participating in a friendly competition makes trivia night better than a simple cocktail date.

Make Dinner

For this date night idea, you’ll want to start with your favorite home-cooked meal. Write down all of the ingredients you’ll need to prepare this dish, and then hit the grocery store together. When you return home, light some candles and pour a cocktail to enjoy while you chop, grate, and stir the ingredients together. Once you’ve finished putting the meal together, sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labor with each other. Don’t forget to bring the candles over to the table to keep the romantic atmosphere.

The Huffines Kia McKinney team hopes you enjoy our list of date night ideas. Dinner and a movie are still always an option, but surprise your significant other by going off-script with one of these 10 fresh and new date ideas. If you have a date night idea you’d like to add, reach out to us at 469-525-4400 or via our secure online messaging system. We’d love to hear from you and have an excuse to try out another great date night idea.

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