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Car Essentials: Things You Should Keep In Your Car


From cup holders to an infotainment system, modern vehicles are equipped with plenty of features to provide you with a convenient, pleasant, and safe driving experience. However, different drivers have different needs, and you may find that your car still lacks certain items that are necessary or useful in your everyday life. When you go on a long-distance drive, you also need to have some essentials that can help you deal with unforeseen circumstances. Below is a list of important things you should keep in your vehicle:


License, Registration, and Insurance

It’s a legal requirement to have your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance card with you whenever you drive your car. If you’re missing one or more of these documents when a police officer pulls you over, you may face a fine or license suspension. Knowing you have your license, registration, and insurance in your glove box gives you peace of mind everywhere you go.

Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual contains all the information you need about your vehicle’s make and model, including the meanings of symbols on your dashboard and the functions of different buttons and controls. It also includes the recommended octane level, tire pressure, and maintenance interval for your car. So, make sure you keep your owner’s manual in your glove box, just in case you encounter a situation requiring learning something new about your vehicle. 

Tire Jack, Wrench, and Spare Tire

Tire Jack

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Nothing is as frustrating as getting a flat tire. It can also be dangerous if it happens in a remote place in the middle of the night. Instead of waiting for help to arrive, you can fix a flat tire yourself if you have all the necessary equipment, consisting of a tire jack, wrench, and spare tire. Having just two of these three things is useless because you need all of them to get the job done. Also, note that some vehicles have locking lug nuts that can only be removed using a unique lug nut key. 

Jumper Cables

A flat tire isn’t the only car problem that can leave you stranded. You also have to be prepared to deal with an unexpected dead battery. Keeping a set of jumper cables in your vehicle can help you get your engine revved up again, provided you can find another driver who allows you to hook up your cables to their car battery. 

If you don’t want to count on a good Samaritan coming to the rescue, you can invest in an emergency battery booster. Consider getting a compact battery jump-start kit that comes with USB connections for charging all your devices. Whether you need to jump-start your car or recharge your phone, it’s a good idea to have this kit in your vehicle.

Duct Tape

Duct tape can be helpful in many emergency situations. Vehicle owners have found virtually endless ways to use this affordable and versatile object to fix car-related problems, from repairing a cracked windshield or window to holding down a trunk lid that won’t close. Preferably, you should keep a roll of clear and robust duct tape handy so that you can tape up a damaged windshield without obstructing your vision. 

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies may not be life-saving items, but they can make your vehicle more comfortable, pleasant, and hygienic. Dirt, debris, crumbs, spills, and mud can contribute to an unsightly and bad-smelling cabin and become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It’s especially important to keep cleaning supplies in your car if you frequently drive around with kids. Some of the items you should have include tissues, paper towels, zip-lock bags, reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and a small trash can. 

First Aid Kit

You never know when you’re going to need a first aid kit. Many unforeseen things can happen while you’re out and about, especially during a long road trip or outdoor adventure. Whether you cut yourself while fixing a flat tire or your kid gets a scrape on the playground, it’s convenient to have some medical essentials in your vehicle. Your first aid kit should include items such as bandages, gauze pads, ointment, scissors, and gloves. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-made first aid kit with everything you need to treat minor injuries.

Tactical Flashlight

If your car breaks down while you’re driving at night, you’ll need a flashlight to identify or fix the problem. So, keep a powerful tactical flashlight in your vehicle to prepare for those dark maintenance moments that can hit you when you least expect them. In addition to providing excellent illumination, a tactical flashlight can also serve as a self-defense weapon, which is why it’s the preferred choice among law enforcement, military, and security personnel. If your flashlight is battery-powered, make sure you have some extra batteries in your glove box. 

Reflective Triangles

Besides a tactical flashlight, you should also have a set of reflective triangles to further enhance your safety at night. If you think you’ll be stranded on the side of the road for a long time, place these warning signs around your vehicle. They make you and your car more visible to passing motorists, reducing the chances of an unsuspecting vehicle hitting you while you’re waiting for emergency responders to arrive. 

Warm Gear

Winter weather can be unpredictable. You may leave for work with only a jacket in the morning, but find that you need a beanie, scarf, and gloves when you’re driving home in the evening. Keep these winter essentials in your vehicle so that you can stay warm in times of extreme cold. Don’t forget a blanket, which is a great way to keep yourself warm if you happen to get stranded during winter. 

Other than the aforementioned essentials, you may want to consider getting some car accessories to improve the functionality or comfort of your vehicle. If you own a Hyundai in McKinney, Texas, visit Huffines Hyundai McKinney to check out our extensive inventory of OEM Hyundai accessories. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about car essentials or accessories.


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